The value of Little League – worth the short read

Our mission statement sums it up – “The Little League program is designed to develop superior citizens rather than superior athletes.”

It’s this virtue that we live by. We want to teach our kids how to be good citizens. Isn’t that what every sport should do?

Here’s a few examples of what happens at Central Saanich Little League:

  • our program teaches the virtues of sportsmanship and how to be humble by hard work and not taking advantage of others inabilities.
  • we have multiple levels of play but kids are taught to play with each other regardless of skill….just like real life.
  • some of our teams host other teams from off the island. We pick them up from the ferry, we feed everyone a free meal and then take them back to the ferry. Because that’s what good neighbours do.
  • we have 302 players registered, and EVERY team has multiple coaches and helpers. ALL parents are encouraged to play with their children.
  • we have winter and in-season clinics, run by people who have played and coached at high levels of baseball, where coaches are taught how to make the game fun and exciting while still teaching core skills. Emphasis on FUN.
  • we hold parent meetings to assist those who want to learn how to play with their kids. 
  • our opening ceremonies include fun competitions such as the MLB approved Pitch, Hit & Run plus Home Run Derby. We also have support from our local Lions club, Games2U events and multiple mascots in attendance from the Co-op, Harbourcats and our own Lion.
  • we have fun days including Tball jamborees and Blastball fun days where kids have pillow sack races, jumbo bowling and more to make sure they want to come back to the park. It’s not just about baseball.
  • our closing ceremonies will have multiple water slides, a bouncy castle, dunk tank and giant alligator obstacle. We will also have mascots to play with the kids.

What does this all mean for your family? It means being part of a community where everyone can share in some fun while building stronger citizens. Baseball is our venue

Our Little League is part of a family in Victoria. We are helped by multiple organizations who share in the same values. They include:

  • the District of Central Saanich who care for our park and allow us to keep the fees for everyone low. They maintain the backstops, dugouts, fields, outside of the buildings and more. We have one of the most beautiful parks in all of BC because of them.
  • the Victoria Mariners premier baseball organization will be out with our Little League players again this year. They are volunteering their time to give back to baseball. Watch for them at our park over the next few weeks as they help teach kids to love the game.
  • the Victoria Harbourcats help us in many ways, including assisting with equipment purchases, providing prizes for our fun competitions, offering to work 50/50s at their games and by providing their mascot Harvey to attend many of our events.
  • our sponsors give so much to our program. Without them our fees would be double what they are now. It’s good to know they value the community we all live in.

This is who we are. Sure we have tournament baseball too. In fact, we are the only youth baseball organization to have a World Series. Yes our winning teams are flown to Canadian Championships and World Series for FREE. But that’s only a part of us. Winning is secondary. Building good kids and a stronger community is our first goal. 

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