Picture Day 2012 – Sunday May 6th

Picture day is set for Sunday, May 6th!

CSLL will be paying for one individual and one team photo per player. There will not be a picture envelope this year. We will have the pictures returned to CSLL from picture day and the managers will distribute them to their teams. Once you receive your pictures, you will be able to email, fax, or call the photography company directly to order any extra pictures, cards etc.

Retakes date is TBA.

Please note it is VERY IMPORTANT to not be late for picture day, be early! The photographer and his team work like a fine tuned machine and will not wait. So please note your team time or your child will miss their team photo.

All players are to wear their uniforms and hats, and bring their best smiles!

Thanks in advance to all who have volunteered to help with picture day.


9:30- Tball Team 1 9:46- Mini’s Team 1 9:54- Rookies Team 1
9:32- Tball Team 2 9:48- Mini’s Team 2 9:56- Rookies Team 2
9:34- Tball Team 3 9:50- Mini’s Team 3 9:58- Rookies Team 3
9:36- Tball Team 4 9:52- Mini’s Team 4 10:00-Rookies Team 4
9:38- Tball Team 5    
9:40- Tball Team 6    
9:42- Tball Team 7    
9:44- Tball Team 8    
10:02- Minors Team 1 10:06-   Challengers 10:08-   Majors Team 1
10:04- Minors Team 2   10:10-   Majors Team 2
10:12- Blastball (All teams and coaches)



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