Closing Ceremonies

Closing ceremonies is coming fast! We hope you can join us for the day as we celebrate our year of baseball. We will have fun ball games followed by an afternoon of water slides, bouncy castles, a huge blow up obstacle course and a dunk tank! Come and enjoy your park and your community!

We are also hosting the city minors playoffs which start in the afternoon. Stay and watch your CSLL minor champions take on other district champions! It is sure to be some great baseball!

Date Day Division Diamond Time Visitor Home Notes
Jun-18 Sat BB Fence 1130am      
Jun-18 Sat TB 1 10am TB4 TB1  
Jun-18 Sat MM 1 11am MM2 MM4  
Jun-18 Sat RM 1 12pm RM3 RM2  
Jun-18 Sat   1 3pm     City Minors
Jun-18 Sat TB 2 10am TB7 TB3  
Jun-18 Sat MM 2 11am MM1 MM3  
Jun-18 Sat MIN 2 12pm MIN MIN  
Jun-18 Sat   2 2pm     City Minors
Jun-18 Sat   2 5pm     City Minors
Jun-18 Sat TB 3 10am TB2 Parents  
Jun-18 Sat TB 4 10am TB5 TB6  
Jun-18 Sat   4 11am      
Jun-18 Sat RM 4 12pm Parents RM1  
Jun-18 Sat   5 10am      
Jun-18 Sat MAJ 5 11am MAJ 2 – Vince MAJ 1 – Ted Playoff
Jun-18 Sat   5 1pm     Closing Speech/Awards
Jun-18 Sat   5 130pm Water Park    


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