1. To have fun!
  2. To teach good sportsmanship and team spirit.
  3. To teach the player positions on the field.
  4. To practice hitting from a tee and after the May long weekend from coach pitch.
  5. To practice catching.
  6. To practice stopping ground balls.
  7. To practice throwing.
  8. To teach running between bases.


Schedules are Wed 600-700pm and Sat 1000-1100am. No times during Easter or May long weekends or Brentwood Days.


  1. The base paths will be 60 feet in length and the pitcher’s mound will be 38 feet from the home plate.
  2. Two or three teams shall occupy one field for the time slot. The schedule allows for both practice and game time during each 1 hour slot.
  3. Stations will include a short warmup, 10 minutes of hitting drills, 10 minutes of catching drills and 10 minutes of grounders and running.
  4. Stations are followed by a mini 2 inning game and a “dragon” race!

Our emphasis is to get many quality repetitions in with the kids moving around so they are not standing still. Keep them active and happy! Use parent volunteers – your kids want to play with you!!


  1. There is no record keeping of points, statistics or score sheets. Everyone wins!
  2. All players will bat in succession in each game setting with the last batter running all the way around the bases.
  3. The batting tee will be used until the May long weekend. After this the coaches will pitch. The coach pitches 5 balls, if the child does not hit, the tee is used until they do hit.
  4. Coaches and managers are encouraged to instruct their team from the field. They may enlist parents to help all the kids in all positions.
  5. No balls or strikes will be called and the game can be stopped at anytime for instructional purposes.
  6. The play is dead once the throw is made to a base OR the ball reaches the infield. If the runner has passed the base before the ball reaches the infield they may attempt to run to the next base.
  7. No extra bases are allowed on overthrown balls. Runners may ONLY take one base on balls which stay on the infield.
  8. The maximum number of bases a player can advance on a hit is two.
  9. The following is NOT ALLOWED – bunting, lead offs, stealing, sliding, pinch hitting, or protesting.
  10. A runner cannot touch or pass the runner ahead of him/her or he/she will be out.
  11. If the umpire (parent) is unsure of the outcome of the play, then the decision goes in favour of the runner.
  12. Coaches are encouraged to rotate players fielding the ball during the game slot and throughout the year so that all the children get an equal opportunity to play in key positions.
  13. The ball should be thrown overhand, not rolled, when fielding the ball.


  1. In T-ball, official umpires will not be provided. Instead, parents and/or coaches/managers will take on this role.
  2. The innings will change when all the children have batted, with the last batter running all the way around the bases.
  3. The batter swings until they hit the ball.
  4. The batter must DROP the bat – do not throw it. If the batter throws the bat, they get one warning. A second infraction means that the batter is out.
  5. Remove the tee and/or bat when the runners are coming in to the home plate and replace it when the plate is clear.
  6. Ask the coaches if they have asked the players if they are wearing jocks or jills.


  1. The umpire will call the first batter by saying “Batter Up”
  2. They will then say “Ready in the field” to make sure the players in the field are paying attention. The players should answer “Ready”.
  3. The umpire shall then say “Play Ball”.

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