1. To have fun!
  2. To teach good sportsmanship and team spirit.
  3. To teach the player positions on the field.
  4. To practice hitting from coach pitch and after the May long weekend practice hitting from player/coach pitch.
  5. To practice pitching after the May long weekend.
  6. To practice catching.
  7. To practice stopping ground balls.
  8. To practice throwing.
  9. To teach running between bases.


Schedules are Mon 600-700pm and Sat 1130-100pm. No times during Easter or May long weekends.


  1. The base paths will be 60 feet in length and the pitcher’s mound will be 38 feet from the home plate.


  1. A regulation game is four innings or 2.0 hours in length.
  2. Each team will have 3 outs or a maximum or 3 runs per at bat per inning.
  3. The maximum number of bases a player can advance on a hit is two.
  4. The following is NOT ALLOWED – bunting, lead offs, stealing, sliding, pinch hitting, or protesting.
  5. A tie game will not continue after four complete innings in a regularly scheduled game.
  6. No inning can start after 1 hr 45 minutes of play.
  7. All players play the field in every inning. A catcher (in full equipment) is required. All players must stand in a normal playing position on the field…3rd base, shortstop, 2nd base, etc with the other players filling in around the outfield.
  8. Batting – Every player bats. To make sure that everyone gets their fair number of times at bat, you must either rotate the line-up so a different player bats first, or better yet, use a continuous loop so that the batter after the last batter of each game, becomes the first batter of the next game. Coaches will pitch until the May long weekend where each player receives 5 pitches. After then the player in the pitching position will attempt three pitches to each batter. If no hit is made after those three pitches, the coach will pitch three remaining pitches until the batter is either out or on base. Then the pitching will revert back to the pitcher.
  9. Every effort should be made to rotate players into different positions equally. This is so they get the chance to play every position throughout the season. You can find player rotations in the back of this manual.
  10. There are no playoffs in Mini-Minors.


  1. In Mini-Minors, official umpires will not be provided. Instead, parents will take on this role.
  2. Home team is to supply the home plate and 1st base umpires.
  3. Home plate umpire will make the calls at home plate and 3rd base. The 1st base umpire will make the calls at 1st and 2nd base.
  4. The innings will change when all the children have batted, with the last batter running all the way around the bases OR 3 runs OR 3 outs.
  5. The batter must DROP the bat – do not throw it. If the batter throws the bat, the get one warning. A
    second infraction means that the batter is out.
  6. Remove the bat when the runners are coming in to the home plate and replace it when the plate is clear.
  7. Ask the coaches if they have asked the players if they are wearing jocks or jills.


  1. The umpire will call the first batter by saying “Batter Up”
  2. They will then say “Ready in the field” to make sure the players in the field are paying attention. The players should answer “Ready”.
  3. The umpire shall then say “Play Ball”.


  1. Coaches are not allowed to approach the umpire or make any remarks with regard to play or call.
  2. If you have any questions or doubts about the rules or regulations, please contact the Vice President of Coaches/Managers, the Mini-Minors coordinator or the executive on duty for that game.

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