1. To have fun!
  2. To teach good sportsmanship and team spirit.
  3. To teach the importance of individual and team development.
  4. To practice catching, throwing, pitching, fielding, and base running.


  1. The base paths will be 60 feet in length and the pitcher’s mound will be 46 feet from the home plate.


  1. A regulation game is 6 innings.
  2. Each team is to supply a scorekeeper for each game.
  3. WATER only in the dugout please. NO other food or drink allowed.
  4. One player at a time may leave the dugout or bench without the umpire’s permission (to use the washroom). An adult should accompany the players to the washroom.
  5. Managers and coaches must remain inside the dugout area or bench while their team is in the field. Managers and coaches must request time and must receive permission from the umpire before leaving the dugout.
  6. All teams should arrive at the park ½ hour prior to the start of games to allow for proper warm ups and infield practices.
  7. Any team not ready for infield practice will forfeit it. Visitors have field 25 minutes prior to game and home has field 15 minutes prior to game. Coaches meet with umpire 5 minutes before game.
  8. Home team will occupy the third base dugout (or bench); visitors will occupy the first base dugout (or bench).
  9. All players must stay in the dugout (or on the bench), in their batting order, until they are called up to bat, or onto the field. (Even those players in the “spare” position).
  10. Coaches MAY NOT warm up their pitchers. Only another player in full protective gear may do so.

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