Blastball is a great way to introduce your little one to the game of baseball. The focus is all about fun!


  1. To have fun!
  2. To teach good sportsmanship and team spirit.
  3. To teach how to hit from a tee.
  4. To teach how to throw a ball.
  5. To teach how to catch a ball.

It’s all about fun and learning. We want them to want to come back to the park. To do so we introduce not only the game of baseball but also some fun drills like knocking down stacked flower pots with pictures of animated characters. We throw balls through hula-hoop targets. We have races and more. Use your imagination!

We also have jamboree days where we setup stations such as bean bag toss, shuffle races, three legged racing, jumbo bowling, relays and more! Don’t forget about special appearances by mascots.


Schedules are Wed 600-630pm and Sat 1030-1100am. No times during Easter or May long weekends or Brentwood Days.


  1. The field is similar to a regular baseball diamond. From the Tee at home plate pace off 20-30 feet to the right and position your 1st base (squeaky Blastbase). Set up 2nd and 3rd bases using the equipment found in your team bag. 
  2. Players take the infield positions plus two batters.
  3. PARENTS – stay with your players and/or help the rest of the team. Your kids want to play with you!


  1. There are no points, statistics or score sheets. Everyone wins!
  2. Let the kids take turns rotating through all the positions. We keep the teams small (5 kids) so that they are kept moving.
  3. We want to teach the kids to hit the ball and throw to a base.
  4. All managers, coaches, or any other adult on the playing field during a practice or a game shall show good sportsmanship at all times.

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