Batting Cage

The batting cage is located in the north end of our parking lot.
The batting cage is open to all teams.
Bookings can be made through the Scheduler found under the Executive tab above.


The batting cage at Centennial Park is there for the use of all the teams in Central Saanich Little League.
Although it can be very useful and fun, it can be dangerous if not used properly.
Here are a few guidelines we hope coaches and players will follow to ensure the safety of all the players:

– Absolutely no kids can operate the pitching machine
– No children are allowed behind the screened off area
– Maximum 2 adults allowed behind screened off area
– 1 child only in batting area
– Door to cage must be closed when pitching machine is in operation
– Do not use game bats, use only bats that are provided in batting cage
– Use only yellow balls provided in the cage
– Machine must go back inside when not in use
– Do not use machine if the slightest bit wet
– Make sure batter is ready before pitching ball
– Use common sense to ensure no one gets hurt

If there are any problems please contact the VP of Facilities.

Please note that there may be another team using the batting cage when you arrive for your scheduled time.
Please advise the coach that you have booked your time and they will accommodate you by leaving in a timely manner.

Thank you for your co-operation and have a fun and safe season

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